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I aim to respectfully help you reflect on yourself and your circumstances, so together we can find a way forward that you consider to be helpful, rewarding and lasting.

It usually involves exploration and experimentation, a process that normally awakens or heightens emotions. Our work together can help make sense of any triggered emotions and thoughts. It can also support you to safely make appropriate changes, if that is what you choose to do.

The purpose is to enhance your well being. You do not have to disclose anything you feel uncomfortable about. Having said that, it is impossible to do this work without your trust, motivation and cooperation and anything you disclose is treated respectfully and confidentially. It is about finding a workable balance.

This kind of work can be confusing if you are already in receiving therapy elsewhere. If you plan to work with me, it is important that you conclude your current work with any other psychological therapies first. I would be happy to help with any questions regarding this issue.


If you decide to contact me, do you have to pay?

You do not pay for brief general enquiries or administrative matters. You only pay for formal therapeutic exchanges once we both agree.

If using email for therapy, when can you start?

Once we have agreed to work together, you can send me your first detailed email about your concerns and send as soon as you have written it. I will write you a detailed response on the agreed day.

If using email for therapy, how much can you write?

I recommend no more than approximately 500 to 600 words for each session. There are two reasons why I do not recommend more. One is that the quality of what we communicate with each other is more important than the word volume and it is easier to focus well with fewer words. Another reason is that for me to write you a quality response, I want to make sure I have had the chance to read everything through word for word, more than once, and to think hard before I write anything down.

 If using webcam or instant messaging, how are the sessions arranged?

We can make the arrangements via email. Each webcam or instant messaging session is 50 minutes long at an agreed time.

 How frequent are the sessions?

The frequency depends on what you and I judge to be more helpful. Some have weekly sessions (once a week). For others sessions might be less or more frequent.

And here are some basics...

What if there are misunderstandings or disagreements?

Occasionally I might misunderstand something you say or write. If you feel uncomfortable about my response, please let me know so the misunderstanding does not escalate and I can correct my mistake. The same goes for disagreements. I certainly do not expect you to agree with everything I say or write, so I trust that we will be open and honest with each other about our differences.

What if this work is not right for you?

Throughout the work we will regularly evaluate what we have done. If at any point either of us thinks that this service might not meet your needs, we can discuss a different way forward.

What happens if I do not hear from you for a scheduled session?

I will check by email if you still want to continue. If you do not respond, I will assume you no longer wish to continue. However, I hope we can make a mutual decision about ending when the time is right.

What happens if you do not hear from me?

If you do not hear from me it is most likely due to a technical failure or an emergency. If it is clear that the problem is on my side, I will do my best to let you know.

What about confidentiality (your security)?

Confidentiality is central to the functioning of this service. I will not disclose any identifying information about you to others unless we both agree in writing that it is helpful, or unless refusal to disclose is against UK law.

How do I keep our correspondence confidential?

Communication via the internet is not secure. This is why I strongly recommend that communication of any sensitive written information is done through password-protected email attachments.

How do I keep records?

I keep our correspondence on my password-protected computer programme for as long as we are working together and permanently delete them once we have ended.

Statistical information (no identifying material) is likewise stored in a secure area on my computer.

How will I respond to disrespectful or deceitful communication?

If I consider the service to be abused in any way, I reserve the right to withdraw my contract immediately without a refund.


There will be no refund after payment has been made.


The contents of this website as well as any written communication from me to you are owned by me. Please ask my permission to use anything that I have shared in writing with you.

Data protection

This service complies with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.You have the right to access any records that are kept about you. An exception would be information about or from a third party.

Professional codes of practice

I subscribe to the BACP Ethical Framework of Good Practice and ACTO code of ethics. If you believe that I have not followed these codes, you can make a complaint to either of these organisations.

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