maryam 2015Meet the Therapist

I’d like to introduce myself and include a brief description of how I work as a practitioner.

I’ve been in practice since the early nineties in the UK and worked in organisations like Mind (mental health, UK), Relate (relationship counselling, UK), Employee Assistance Programmes, higher education at Exeter and Falmouth universities, and independent practice.

What I cherish most about my long and enjoyable experience is having had the privilege to witness time and time again how people heal themselves and improve their lives. This knowledge is priceless and helps me be of better service to adults of all ages, interests, personalities, abilities, beliefs, cultures and professions.

I was born in the beautiful historic city of Esfahan. The UK has been my home for over thirty years and I currently live in the southwest of England.

How I Work

Before I explain what this work involves, I’ll first mention what it doesn’t. Therapy is not something I ‘do’ to you. It’s not my place to tell you what kind of a person you should or should not be and how to live your life.

My job is to respectfully help you find your way out of a stuck, disturbing or confusing position, so you can make real and lasting changes for a more fulfilling life. For more information or to use the online therapy service please click here.

I practise as an ‘Integrative’ therapist and my work is informed by Systemic and Psychodynamic theoretical models.

The Systemic model helps me keep in mind that:

everyone deserves respect,

there’s a context to everything,

there are many ways of looking at the same issue,

meanings are important,

we are not islands and do affect each other (even when it doesn’t feel that way to us),

making sense of our relationships and roles (either current or past ones) can contribute hugely to our well-being.

The Psychodynamic model helps me keep in mind that:

trust is crucial for therapy to be helpful, and it’s my job as the therapist to facilitate the right trusting conditions.

childhood experiences are powerful and affect us in ways we don’t always understand or even notice,

our capacity for surviving intolerable situations is so great that at times it can interfere with our capacity to relax and enjoy life.

with therapeutic support we can become more aware, reflective, and consequently more in control and respectful of the life we have.

Please click here if you wish to find out more or use the online therapy service on this website. If you need further clarification, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I’d be happy to help.




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